If you move abroad

We can pay your pension into a bank overseas or a bank in the UK. Staying with a UK bank means there won't be any change to your payments. Moving to an overseas bank means you'll be paid via Western Union. Each payment takes five to seven working days and if you want to be paid in the local currency then you won't be charged.

Change your bank details.

Change your address.

Returned post – what this can mean for your payments

If two consecutive pieces of post are returned to us as ‘undelivered’, including one which we’ll send as special delivery, then it’s our policy to automatically suspend your pension payment. This is a precaution against fraud or overpayment.

It’s our duty to maintain the integrity of the Scheme’s data so this policy helps us to do this.

It also helps us to prevent overpayment to pensioners who have died if we haven’t been made aware of the situation and helps us to keep costs to the Scheme accurate.

Of course, it might just mean you’ve moved house so please make sure you let us know if this is the case. Tell us that you've changed address.

If you’ve received a chaser letter, please contact us to make sure your payment continues.