Meet the team

UK Pensions Operations administers the Scheme for all members on behalf of the Trustees, including the finance and payroll responsibilities.

UK Pensions Operations is the team to contact at:, if you have any queries about your Scheme benefits.

Meet the Trustees

The Trustee Board is responsible for making sure the Scheme is secure, correctly administered and well-managed in order to pay all its members' benefits in full and on time. To do this, the Trustees must maintain a strong governance framework and a robust investment strategy.

The Scheme is managed by 12 Trustees made up of:

Six Company Appointed Trustees, who are appointed by the sponsoring employers of each of the three sections; and

Six Member Elected Trustees, two from each of the Scheme’s three sections, who are elected from, and by, the members.

All Trustees carry the same powers and responsibilities regardless of whether they've been appointed or elected.

Company Appointed Trustees

Nigel Stapleton
Chairman, Independent Trustee
Lee Dunn
Head of Tax, Cadent
Gavin Hill
Independent Trustee
Andy Mead
Head of Management Reporting and Business Planning, National Grid
Alan Rankin
Head of Safety, Health and Sustainability, and Construction, National Grid
Donald Simpson
Group Head of Tax, National Grid

Member Elected Trustees

Section A

Kevin Choy
John Whitehouse

Section B

John Flynn
Clare Megan

Section C

Phil Brown
Hilary Speller

The Trustee Board has three sub-committees that meet quarterly to help fulfil its duties – the Funding and Investment Committee, the Governance Committee, and the Operations, Communications and Discretions Committee.