Benefits payable on death

If you need to tell us about a member’s death, visit the Report a death page. Once we are notified we’ll start the process of paying any death benefits.

We've included the process below.

You can nominate who you wish to receive the tax-free lump sum death benefit by quickly and easily updating your nomination details online via My Online Services.

If you're not married, you can nominate someone who is financially dependent or interdependent on you to receive the dependant’s pension. This can be done quickly and easily online via My Online Services.

In both cases, this will update your records immediately. You can log in and review or change your nominations at any time. If you’re unable to use My Online Services, you can complete a paper form, which is available on the documents page.

Any death benefits will be subject to the Lifetime Allowance.

Lump sum

If you die before you start receiving your deferred pension from the Scheme, the Trustees will pay a lump sum death benefit to your beneficiaries. The lump sum amount would be the greater of:

  • five times your annual deferred pension; or
  • a refund of your own contributions plus interest.

Dependant’s pension

This is automatically paid to your spouse or civil partner if you die, even if you haven’t started taking your pension yet.

The amount is shown on your Deferred Pension Details Form, which you received when you left the Scheme.

If you’re not married or in a civil partnership, and you left the Scheme on or after 1 October 1987, you can nominate:

  • a partner
  • an aged parent
  • a disabled child who can’t support themselves financially.

Child benefits

Any children under the age of 18 who were born on or before you left the Scheme would be entitled to benefits in the event of your death.

If both parents have died and a dependant’s pension isn’t payable, an additional amount would be payable.

Children includes step-children and adopted children. All children must be under age 18, or under age 21 if they are in full-time education or vocational training. The Trustees have the discretion to pay benefits to children up to the age of 23 if they remain in full-time education. If the Scheme's Medical Adviser confirms that a child can’t support themselves financially due to illness or incapacity, the Trustees can use their discretion to pay benefits for the rest of the child's life.

What's the process?
1 Your next of kin or personal representative notify us
2 Within two working days we'll send your next of kin a letter with the process for paying benefits

Lump sum

3 We'll send your next of kin a questionnaire asking for information about potential beneficiaries

4 Your next of kin sends back the relevant information
5 We share this with the Trustees
6 The Trustees decide who the tax-free death lump sum should be paid to
7 Your beneficiaries will be notified and the payment made

Dependant’s pension

3 If you're married we’ll ask for additional details to set up a dependant’s pension; and pensions for any eligible children:

  • Death certificate (photocopy)
  • Birth and marriage certificates (originals or certified copies)
  • Bank form.
4 We then arrange the pension from the next available pay date, which is the 15th of each month